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Posted December 7th, 2020

The costliest problem in Education is ACADEMIC FAILURE. Last year, in the USA, before the pandemic, 20 million students made one of the most expensive decisions of their families’ lives to attend college. At an average cost of $26K per student, this represents an investment of $520B for those families. Plus, taxpayers contributed another $130B for financial assistance, distributed by the DOE to support their pursuit. That’s a combined total of $650B invested in college education last year. However, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, only 6% of the students attending 2-year colleges graduated in 2 years and only 17% graduated in 3 years. Also, only 43% of students enrolled in 4-year public colleges graduated in 4 years. About half the drop outs (47%) quit due to academic failure which can be PREVENTED with proven military-style study techniques. Therefore, hard-working families and taxpayers are losing TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars every year due to academic failure, spiraling tuition costs and crippling student debt. Plus, the negative emotional and psychological effect this failure has on students’ self-esteem is incalculable.

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