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Posted January 9th, 2021

Primary Memory refers to our ‘short-term’ memory which is very limited in its ability to remember and recall important information. Secondary Memory refers to our ‘long-term’ memory which has more lasting and easily retrievable capabilities. When learning from text, no learning technique is more effective than RECITING for transferring important information from the short-term memory into the long-term memory. For example, have you ever learned the words to a song, poem, prayer, or speech? If so, think about how you did it? Recitation can take several forms, but according to the neuroscientists, the most effective form of reciting is the vocal ‘out loud’ method because it employs both the auditory and vocal senses, creates more electrical impulses and strengthens the neural pathways through the brain. Reading is not enough to learn. To get better grades, students need to learn how to store important information in their long-term memory for recall on high-stakes tests. To learn more about SQ4R Study Skills and RECITING techniques please visit our website and contact us to discuss Professional Development.


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