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Posted February 23rd, 2021

We are excited to announce that 21st Century Study Skills is now virtual. This time-tested and proven, research-based, life-changing learning skills training program is based on a revised and updated version of the SQ3R Learning Method, which has been considered the ‘father of all How-to-Study programs’ for the past 80 yearsWe’ve added computer technology and Left/Brain-Right/Brain Memory Techniques to bring SQ3R up into the 21st Century. Every student and teacher, striving for success, should be trained on these foundation literacy skills. We are now offering ‘virtual training’ workshops guaranteed to improve teaching effectiveness and increase student success rates. We’ll equip your staff with teaching techniques and knowledge they did not learn in college and they can begin using these invaluable study and learning techniques with their students to boost academic results immediately. When students are trained how to succeed academically everyone benefits: students, teachers, administrators, parents, schools, and communities. A great investment for your ESSA funds. Please look over our website and student testimonials and contact us to learn more:

Stop Struggling in School.
Learn How to Get Higher Test Scores, Grades and GPA!

Especially beneficial for students in: Grades 7-12 and College

Your Grades Will Soar

21st Century Study Skills A Unique Course Not Taught in Most High Schools