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Posted February 2nd, 2021

One way to achieve equality in education is to invest in developing foundation skills that will empower every student, regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, gender or zip code to achieve and exceed their maximum academic potential in school, become a better life-long learner and more productive member of society. There needs to be greater emphasis on teaching proven effective SQ3R-based studying and learning skills because most students will take about 300 high-stakes tests during grades 9-12 and most have not been trained how to study effectively. This is a major contributor to widening achievement gaps, dropping out, incarceration, chronic absenteeism, and severe college and career readiness problems. Students need to be taught how to read textbooks analytically, separating what’s important from what’s not important, create well organized outlines that facilitate quality learning, and store information in their long-term memory and recall it during a test. Foundation skills training will create an equal playing field for all students and give them an equal chance to compete for opportunities based on merit. We’re now scheduling Virtual Training PD workshops, contact us at:

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