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Posted March 8th, 2021

The integration of computer technology into the processes of teaching and learning during the last three decades has had a major impact on the quality of education. Although, not as effective as in-person training, innovative technologies such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Meet, and other virtual communication platforms have enable dedicated educators and motivated students to stay engaged this year, cover core materials, and get through this terrible pandemic. Since the turn of the century computing devices have made note-taking easier and more organized which has accelerated the learning process. The robust text attributing capabilities available with computers have enabled students to store important information in their long-term memories and recall it during high-stakes tests resulting in higher test scores, grades and GPAs. Filtered WIFI connectivity and laptops enable exciting student collaboration opportunities in the classroom which previously did not exist. Teachers no longer have to reserve computer rooms to have students work in groups performing research projects from the Internet. The benefits and advantages technology has brought to education are immeasurable.

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