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Posted March 13th, 2021

Most students read text books the same way they read novels and that’s a big mistake. They need to be taught how to methodically study from a textbook and separate what’s important from what’s not important. That’s been the #1 problem for the past 80 years. Students need to be taught proven techniques to outline important information and move it from their primary memory into long-term memory for successful storage and recall.  Most students don’t know how to study effectively from textbooks to get higher test scores. This is critical when you consider the average high school student takes about 300 high-stakes tests during grades 9-12. Schools and school districts should adopt and implement a SQ3R-based teaching and learning strategy to insure every student is empowered to achieve and exceed their full academic potential in school and life. Severe costly educational problems like struggling in school, dropping out and chronic absenteeism can be significantly remedied if students are taught how to study effectively from textbooks and get good scores on tests. To learn more and discuss in-person and virtual training sessions please visit:

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