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Posted April 5th, 2021

The average high school student takes approximately 300 high-stakes tests during grades 9-12. Nothing is more stressful for young people than taking high-stakes tests, especially if they have never been trained how to study and learn effectively. The importance of how well students score on tests cannot be over emphasized. Test scores will determine their course grades, Honor Roll status, Grade Point Average (GPA), scholarships and self-esteem. Also, on a higher level, what college they get accepted to and career they choose will be impacted by their ability to study effectively. Therefore, it should be a priority for every school to teach each student research-based and proven effective study skills so they can score high marks on tests consistently. That will enable them to achieve and exceed their full academic potential in high school, college and beyond. Academic and personal success begins with effective study and learning skills. How effective are your study skills? To find out, go to our website and download a free STUDY SKILLS NEEDS SELF-SURVEY and follow the instructions. It’s easy-to-use, quick and accurate. Contact us to learn more:

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