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Posted May 14th, 2021

I want to share a pedagogical strategy I used during my science teaching career that enabled me to motivate students, reduce disciplinary problems and improve academic performance throughout the year. Teachers know students will give you 110% effort if they can get an extra bonus point on their term grade. They’ll strive harder, participate more competitively, and go the extra mile if they can win an extra point. It’s a fact, a single point added to a student’s term average is a huge motivator. Therefore, any student that set a good example for others, improved the quality of the lesson, excelled in a classroom activity, helped me setup or cleanup for class, or demonstrated significant improvement would get a “BOB’S BUCK” they could cash in at the end of the term for one point on their term average.  Some students, who tried harder, received more than one Bob’s Buck during a term but every student received at least one for their accomplishments. The program motivated students to behave better and give their best effort on all assignments, plus it was a lot of fun. It’s like using ‘free money’ to achieve a higher level of performance. To learn more, contact us at 21st Century Study Skills:

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