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Posted June 21st, 2021

The ability to record effective notes from textbooks is one of the most important foundation study skills students need to achieve academic success. Most students take excessive notes, on unimportant information in a totally unorganized manner which causes confusion, frustration and stress. Much of what they need to learn is contained in text books. Therefore, students need to know how to comprehend textual material, record clear and brief notes on the important information, organize that information so they can store it in their long-term memory and recall it during high-stakes tests. High school students are not being taught how to do this effectively and that is a major reason why so many struggle in college. In fact, about 50% of the students that ‘drop out’ of college do so because of academic failure. In my view, a proven Study Skills Program and Strategy, based on solid research and results, should be included in the Program of Studies for every middle and high school that wants their students to achieve and exceed their full academic potential. Also, to help students develop these skills, that strategy should be practiced in all courses that use textual materials. Especially today, with computer technology in every classroom, students need to be taught how to use their computers to increase the effectiveness of their note-taking. I encourage all students to use computers to record notes, instead of pencil-in-hand, because computers offer much more attributing, such as; boldface, italics, underlining, font colors, sizes and styles as well as indentation, highlighting, upper & lower case, visuals, and so many more attributes. Skillful use of these attributes enable students to take brief, clear and organized notes. That’s key to success. Next week I will post the TOP 10 MOST IMPORTANT NOTE-TAKING GUIDELINES. In the meanwhile, please read testimonials from my former students to see how these note-taking skills are ‘changing lives’ and contact me to discuss Professional Development and other training priorities:




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