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Posted August 4th, 2021

As you plan your ‘Education Catch-Up and Recovery Strategy’ please consider the following (2-6hr) PD courses and programs developed and delivered by a veteran secondary teacher with 30 years of classroom experience:

1. 21st Century Study Skills based on SQ3R (Transforming Student Lives!)

2. Effective Classroom Management Skills and Techniques

3. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Training …also called Character Education

4. Student-to-Student Study Skills Mentoring and Tutoring Programs

5. Differentiated Instruction based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

5. How to Improve College and Career Readiness

6. How to Motivate and Inspire Unmotivated Students

7. How to Teach the ‘Whole Student’ (Aptitude & Attitude)

8. How to Reduce Classroom Disruptions and Gain Valuable Teaching Time

9. How to Transform High Needs At-Risk Students into Honor Students

10. How to Close Achievement Gaps in Your Diverse Enrollment

11. How to Improve Your Annual State-Wide Accountability Scores and Results

12. How to Increase Graduation Rates and Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

13. How to Reduce Costly Dropping Out and Increase ROI to the Taxpayers

14. How to Empower Students to Achieve their Full Academic Potential

15. How to Increase the Teaching Effectiveness of Your Staff

16. How to Maximize the Academic Impact of your 7-12 Curriculum

Do you have any interests in the topic(s) above? If so, please review our website and give special attention to our Student Testimonials page to see how 21st Century Study Skills will make a positive impact on your students’ education and life. Contact us to learn more:

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