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Posted March 2nd, 2022

During 28 years of high school science teaching experience, I’ve presented more than 25,000 biology and biotechnology classes to more than 4,000 diverse students. I also evaluated each student during the year to measure progress and identify problems. During that time, I never met a student that did not want to succeed in school but I met hundreds that were struggling, frustrated and stressed because they were never taught how to study effectively to get good grades and they were helplessly failing. As a result, many suffered from low self-esteem and confidence that deflated their motivation and caused them to go into a downward academic and social spiral which is very hard to recover from. They developed a dislike for school and became depressed. When you consider the academic rigors of high school and college, the lack of a research-based, proven-effective course on Foundation Study Skills required for every secondary student is the ‘biggest oversight in education’. It’s the major cause of academic failure, dropping out and chronic absenteeism which are colossal emotional and financial problems.


Especially when you consider the average high school student takes at least 300 high-stakes tests during grades 9-12 and nothing is more stressful than taking tests. When you add up all the MCAS, REGENTS, SAT, PSAT, Mid-Terms, Final Exams, plus 12-16 tests per year in each Core Course you can better understand how critically important effective test preparation is. How well students perform on these tests determines their academic success or failure (GPA), self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as college and career readiness. Unfortunately, every year, tens of billions of dollars of parental investments and Pell grant revenue is lost to hard-working families whose children fail and drop out of school due to academic failure which is PREVENTABLE. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, only 6% graduate from 2-year colleges in two years and only 44% graduate from 4-year colleges in four years. Approximately, half drop out due to academic failure.


What are foundation study skills and how can they prevent academic failure? They are proven pedagogical techniques based on 80 years of solid research in academia that teach students how to identify the most important information in an assignment (#1 problem), organize that information into clear and concise outlines, move that information into their long-term memory for storage, and recall it during high-stakes tests. Higher test scores yield higher grades and GPA. This is a proven process that can be learned and mastered quickly and every student should be equipped with this knowledge and skills before they enter high school or college. Please visit our website to learn more and contact us for in-person or virtual training solutions to your educational problems:

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