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Posted July 5th, 2022

Boost confidence and academic performance by helping your students develop effective COGNITIVE THINKING SKILLS they need to build a solid foundation for learning? Many students struggle academically because they lack a solid learning foundation. According to Howard Gardner, 1983, Theory of Multiple Intelligences, there are at least 8 different learning ‘modalities’. Each one involves: reading, observation, reasoning, organization, visual and audio processing, comprehension, memory, critical thinking, problem solving and information storage and recall. To master these cognitive thinking skills, students need a proven-effective, research-based learning solution like 21st Century Study Skills to practice with that will immediately increase academic success.


Our 21st Century Study Skills training program, also called SQ4R, is an updated and modernized version of SQ3R which was developed by the government in 1942 and used to train 150,000 military personnel into leadership positions to help fight and win WWII in Asia and Europe. It’s considered the most effective study skills strategy ever developed and is referred to as the ‘Father of All How-to-Study Programs’. Unfortunately, it fell through the cracks after WWII and is the best kept secret in Education today. It teaches students how to develop their Cognitive Thinking Skills to build a rock-solid foundation for the learning processes. During the past 15 years, we’ve added computer note-taking skills and ‘whole brain’ memory techniques to bring SQ3R up into the 21st Century. For proof of efficacy, please refer to some former students’ ‘life-changing’ testimonials:


SQ4R is an acronym for the 6 steps that comprise the 21st Century Study Skills training program: SCOPE, QUESTION, READ, RECORD, RECITE and REINFORCE. Please note below which cognitive thinking skills students will use and develop during each step:


SCOPE students will use Attention, Reasoning, OrganizationSensory Integration and Critical Thinking skills


QUESTION they will use Simultaneous and Sequential Processing, Sensory Integration, and Problem Solving skills


READ they will use ComprehensionVisual ProcessingReasoning and Critical Thinking skills 


RECORD they will use ReasoningPlanning, Critical Thinking and Sensory Integration skills


RECITE they will use Visual-Auditory Processing and Short-Term Memory Processing skills


REINFORCEMENT they will use Memory techniques that move important information from their Short-Term Memory into Long-Term Memory 


Contact us to learn more about 21st Century Study Skills and how this unique training program will improve the teaching effectiveness of your staff and increase student success by sharpening their COGNITIVE THINKING SKILLS and build solid foundations for learning processes. We are currently booking Workshops for next year:

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