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Posted January 10th, 2023

Since my last post entitled ‘Do You Have a Learning Loss and Recovery Strategy’ I have received many inquiries about Accelerated Teaching and Learning Systems (ATLS). As a result, I decided to explain in greater detail what they are and why they are so effective. ATLS are pedagogical strategies that accomplish more learning in less time because they are designed to achieve more than one educational objective at a time.

For example, 21st Century Study Skills uses a carefully designed Study Skills Needs Self-Evaluation Survey to accurately MEASURE a students’ specific need for better study skills and immediately IDENTIFY the self-improvement action plan for the student. In less than 15 minutes’ students can see how critical their need for better study skills is and exactly what they need to do to improve so they can achieve better test scores, grades and GPAs. This easy-to-use, quick and accurate tool instantly generates an ‘action plan’ that puts students on the road to academic success. Other examples of accelerated teaching and learning techniques include:


·      (#1 Problem) How to separate important information from what’s not important in textbooks and store that information in long-term memory for recall at test time


·      Developing a strong cognitive learning foundation while learning how to master the most effective study skills strategy ever developed


·      Learning how to effectively present a specific lesson to a class while showing them how to study effectively from any kind of textbook


·      Learning how to use the publishers’ convention to create well-structured outlines that show students the subordination of topics in a section and how to anticipate test questions


·      Learning how to use computers to take clear and concise notes that will improve reading comprehension


·      Learning how to work smarter, not harder, to achieve more in less time with reduced stress


·      Building academic confidence so students feel they can do well in any course that uses textbooks


·      Use the ‘whole brain’ functionality to effectively store important information in long-term memory


·      Prepare for the ‘rigors of college’ by learning how to study for multiple courses simultaneously 


To better understand how these accelerated teaching and learning strategies will positively impact your students please visit my website and read some testimonials from former students I have trained on 21st Century Study Skills. I am currently scheduling customized workshops for the remainder of the 2023 year. Please contact me to discuss your training needs:

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