Robert M. Goss, Jr., M.Ed

SQ4R Learning Skills Expert 

College Readiness Strategist

Improve Teaching Effectiveness

Increase Student Success Rates

Dropout Prevention Specialist

Close Achievement Gaps 

Turnaround Underperforming Schools

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Trainer

Mr. Goss has a Masters' degree in Educational Leadership & Management and more than 28 years of professional Biology and Biotechnology teaching and management experience in Massachusetts high schools. He is certified and licensed as a High School Principal and has served as Chairman of the Hopedale School Committee. During his public teaching career he was the recipient of two National Science Foundation awards and presented more than 25,000 classes to more than 5,000 students. He has also tested SQ4R with more than 1,000 high school and college students with outstanding success. His techniques are based on more than 75 years of rock-solid research on reading comprehension strategies and effective study skills. During the past decade, Mr. Goss has added computer note-taking skills and modern left-brain right-brain memory techniques to bring SQ3R up into the 21st  century. This newer updated version of SQ3R is called 21st CENTURY STUDY SKILLS and has enabled his students to immediately boost test scores and achieve higher grades in science and other courses that use textbooks. Equipped with these life-long learning skills your students will also achieve higher GPA's, acceptance into better colleges, more scholarships, rewarding careers and overall more confidence in the classroom. Mr. Goss is proud to be offering this dynamic study skills program to private, public, and charter school districts as well as Higher Education. He's looking forward to partnering with you to effectively teach your teachers and students the strategic learning skills, techniques, and knowledge they need to be more successful in the 21st Century!

If you are interested in further evidence of Mr. Goss' proven classroom capabilities and the stimulating positive effects this unique how-to-study program will have on your students please check out his TESTIMONIALS page for real feedback from some of his former students. Also, if you are considering ways to increase the teaching effectiveness of your staff and improve students success please review the benefits of our one-day WORKSHOPS. We are very flexible to work with and will tailor our presentations to the specific learning needs of each audience. Specifically, if you are striving to increase graduation and retention rates by reducing dropping out due to academic failure or seeking to close the achievement gaps across campus especially for low-income, minorities and disabled students we can show you how to accomplish these goals.

Mr. Goss has also trained hundreds of adults during a distinguished career in Corporate Sales Training for many high-tech companies including: Data General, Stratus Computer, Proteon Networks, FTP Software, Ascom Timeplex, Cabletron and Digital Networks. 

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  • "My 70's went to high 80's and my confidence in my classes soared. SQ4R changed my high school career and probably the rest of my life."
    - James Pellerin, Douglas High School
  • "Now that I know how to use SQ4R I have more confidence in school and less stress. I really feel like I can do well in any course that uses a textbook."
    - Danielle Castonguay, Quinsigamond Community College
  • "SQ4R is the reason I have been on high honor throughout high school. I highly recommend that every student learns about and uses these study skills."
    - Gabriella Galluzzo, Senior Douglas High School
  • "I have a lot more confidence studying for tests and understand the subject matter more effectively. My test grades have definitely improved and I feel more confident taking tests now."
    - Sarabeth Martin, Vet Tech Student at NE Tech
  • "I’ve been using SQ4R in my classes this semester because it helps to narrow down the information so I can focus on what's most important. It's a great study helper!"
    - Gabriela Horosz,  Freshman Rhode Island College
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