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It's time to measure your need for study skills training by taking our Study Skills Needs Self-Survey. It's easy-to-use, quick and accurate and has been carefully designed to be an assessment tool and self-improvement blueprint. Since 2006, 90% of my students indicated they agreed with the results when they took this survey and 80% indicated they were Academically Motivated. Therefore, we feel it's a valid educational tool with value. The survey will show you how strong or weak your students' study skills are and secondly, exactly what we need to do to improve the academic performance of each student. Of course, you are sampling it for your students but you can also give it to you students if you are interested in seeing how they do. In either case, it's important you follow this simple 2-Part implementation procedure:

Part 1: Pass out the Self-Survey and make sure the students put their name and date on the top of the page. Give them 5-10 minutes to read the instructions and check off their answers to the ten questions.

Part 2: Next, pass out the Scoring Instructions and again make sure they put their name and date on the top of the page. Give the students 5-10 minutes to read the instructions, tally their scores, and answer the two questions at the bottom of the page. Collect both pages and summarize your results. 

Please contact me if you need help implementing the survey, tallying the results, and identifying students at risk that have the greatest need for effective study skills. Once we get this information we can develop a cost-effective proposal for a timely improvement plan that will reduce dropping out due to academic failure, increase student retention rates and boost academic performance for every student.  

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