The Center for Teaching Effectiveness - Time to Teach Program

21st Century Study Skills is proud to announce our new affiliation with The Center for Teaching Effectiveness - Time to Teach Programs. They are an international educational training company that has been in business for almost 30 years with headquarters in Hayden, Idaho. The CTE has trained more than 500,000 teachers and administrators worldwide. Their courses are especially beneficial for schools and districts striving to raise teaching and learning to a higher level and improve school climate. 

Based on their extraordinary success they guarantee to reduce student disciplinary office referrals substantially through effective Classroom Management techniques and increase Student Engagement and Motivation with research-based differentiated instruction. The newest addition to their exciting training portfolio is called School Safety and Security, written by award-winning author and national trainer for the CTE, Eric Combs.

Like 21st Century Study Skills, the CTE uses research-based classroom management and student engagement strategies and techniques based on proven results that can be implemented school-wide immediately after your training takes place.  They also provide ongoing support as needed to ensure each teacher is up to speed and the momentum keeps moving forward.

Time to Teach was originally influenced 40 years ago with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and Coach John Wooden, both nationally renowned instructors from UCLA. The CTE continues the work of Wooden and Hunter in collaboration with leading educators, researchers and master teachers all around the country and is rapidly becoming the leading provider of teacher education, training and professional development in the United States and Canada. Their programs are redefining excellent teaching and learning in school districts across the country and raising professional development to unparalleled levels.

For the last decade, the CTE has been producing and sponsoring high quality, in-depth training programs designed especially for K-12 education professionals and districts. The outstanding courses designed and delivered by the CTE are suitable for any grade level and student profile and will forever improve your classrooms and give your teachers more Time to Teach.

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Especially beneficial for students in: Grades 7-12 and College

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