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  • "My 70's went to high 80's and my confidence in my classes soared. SQ4R changed my high school career and probably the rest of my life."
    - James Pellerin, Douglas High School
  • "Now that I know how to use SQ4R I have more confidence in school and less stress. I really feel like I can do well in any course that uses a textbook."
    - Danielle Castonguay, Quinsigamond Community College
  • "SQ4R is the reason I have been on high honor throughout high school. I highly recommend that every student learns about and uses these study skills."
    - Gabriella Galluzzo, Senior Douglas High School
  • "I have a lot more confidence studying for tests and understand the subject matter more effectively. My test grades have definitely improved and I feel more confident taking tests now."
    - Sarabeth Martin, Vet Tech Student at NE Tech
  • "I’ve been using SQ4R in my classes this semester because it helps to narrow down the information so I can focus on what's most important. It's a great study helper!"
    - Gabriela Horosz, Freshman Rhode Island College
  • "Thank you so much for showing us the SQ4R note taking techniques. It has helped me take efficient notes this year at Worcester State."
    - Edward Peladeau, Freshman Worcester State University

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  • "SQ4R is extremely helpful study method that has enabled me to understand my textbooks and feel comfortable in my study. SQ4R really works, and is a tool that will last you a lifetime."
    - Laura Loranger, Freshman, Framingham State University
  • "SQ4R is one of the most useful study skills I have ever learned because it helps me take notes on the most important information in the assignment and better prepare for a quiz, test, or even just some class assignments. Without SQ4R my grades would be much worse!"
    - Nick Daly, 4th Class Cadet Mass Maritime Academy
  • "SQ4R is the best! First week I started college I had to read and study 40+ pages. SQ4R helped me take perfect notes."
    - Nathan Cornejo, Freshman Nichols College
  • "SQ4R has certainly made a difference in my learning experience and has given me more confidence in studying. Being in the job world now, I have definitely implemented SQ4R in my own life and would recommend it to others who are trying to be successful."
    - Micah Cellucci, Sales Representative Solar City
  • "Using the SQ4R studying technique taught to me by Mr. Goss has increased my exam scores by 15-20% compared to the past."
    - Jake Carter, Senior Douglas High School
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