21st Century Study Skills Professional Development Workshops for Teachers and Staff (Grades 7-12)

  • 2 hours, 4 Hours, or Full Day of Training 
  • 10-12:00 SQ4R Training and Modeling -Train Teachers How to Teach and Support SQ4R study skills techniques in the Classroom with Students 
  • 1:00-3:00 Hands-On Application, Practice, Questions/Answers 
  • On-Going Support Provided to Teachers as Needed 
  • Fee Structure: Negotiable depending on how many Teachers participate

Benefits of the Workshop for:

Teachers will learn how to:
  • Use and support SQ4R with their students in the classroom
  • Teach the Cognitive Skills students need to build a strong Learning Foundation
  • Set realistic expectations for student learning and progress
  • Improve the instructional program and literacy for all students
  • Prepare students for greater academic and personal success
  • Motivate students to achieve and exceed their full academic potential
  • Integrate computer technology into the learning process 
Students will learn how to:
  • Use SQ4R to effectively study and prepare for important tests 
  • Build a strong Foundation for Learning with better Cognitive Thinking Skills
  • Master any course that uses a textbook and textual information
  • Improve organization skills and reading comprehension techniques
  • Separate what's important from what's not important in their textbooks 
  • Store important information in long-term memory for recall on tests
  • Score higher marks on important tests with less stress 
  • Get better grades in courses that use textbooks and textual info 
  • Achieve a higher GPA and gain the competitive edge in school
  • Maximize time, effort, and results by working smarter not harder 
  • Develop self-confidence and academic leadership in the classroom 
  • Complete all the academic requirements for graduation 
  • Succeed in college and reach fullest academic potential 
  • Make smooth transitions into higher education and demanding careers 
  • Be a better life-long learner and more productive citizen 
  • Achieve greater academic and personal success in life

  • Increase student retention and academic success rates 
  • Reduce dropout and chronic absenteeism rates due to academic failure
  • Raise the level of academic performance for all students 
  • Close achievement gaps between minorities, low-income, and disabled students


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