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Your Instructor: Robert M. Goss, Jr., M.Ed.Robert Goss is a former territorial salesperson and Sales Training Manager for many large high-tech companies in between teaching stints in public education. As the Sales Training Manager for Data General, Stratus Computer, Proteon Networks, FTP Software, Cabletron, and Digital Networks he trained and motivated hundreds of salespeople to be successful by maximizing time and effort with accounts in their territories that have the greatest sales potential for their products. He equipped them with strategic and analytical skills not taught in most sales training programs. Research clearly shows that most sales training programs across all industries concentrate on knowledge and people skills but what salespeople and managers have repeatedly identified as their #1 problem is Territorial Development and Management.

Early in his career as a territorial salesperson in a very competitive industry, Bob received special recognition for the development and management of more than 250 accounts in a territory that covered central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. He knows what it's like to be a territorial salesperson and uses his own real-world experiences, knowledge and personal anecdotes during the training to make the learning more interesting. Wright LineHe used this training program to rescue a company called Wright Line, which is still in business today on Gold Star Boulevard in Worcester. They were in the red (unprofitable) for seven consecutive quarters before they hired him to train the salesforce on these territorial development and management techniques. He quickly trained more than 100 territorial salespeople with these high-impact selling techniques and sales revenues immediately picked up. The company soon became profitable and today Wright Line is owned by the Eaton Corporation a Fortune 1000 Company. This success story is well documented in letters of recommendation from the President, Vice President of Sales and other company executives. Here's a testimonial from the New York Area Manager, Joe Kammers, who sent this to Bob after the training:  

"Dear Bob,

I just completed a few days of calls with the sales reps and you would be proud to hear of their progress. Our days are filled with activity and conversations that is a notch or two above our previous level of performance. Your program on Time and Territory Management is the reason we are at the higher level. Thanks for the help and assistance in motivating the reps. I have been to a lot of seminars, conducted some, and even formulated a couple. Yours is tops! Your style, delivery, and content made the program. They came back fired up and ready to hit the streets in a planned and organized manner. They attacked their territory in a better way, concentrating on the high potential accounts that will yield the best returns. Keep up the good work!!!! When we see the increase in our commission checks, we will think of your program and the help it gave us."

Packed with proven sales tools your team can begin using immediately, this dynamic and invaluable seminar, which can be customized for any industry and selling environment, was carefully designed by 'salespeople for salespeople' to achieve the following two very important goals for your company:

  • BOOST revenue by increasing selling effectiveness and reducing selling costs 
  • MAXIMIZE time and effort with accounts that have the greatest sales potential for your products.

Be assured this is NOT a high-pitched pep rally that will only deliver a temporary jolt of enthusiasm, but instead, the never-to-be-forgotten impact and benefits of this high-powered training will increase as time goes on! Bob's qualification techniques and formulas were published in Personal Selling Power, an industry-leading sales strategy magazine for four decades, entitled How Valuable Are Your Accounts along with his Probability Factor Chart and Qualifying Checklist. Download a free copy of this article by clicking on the button above.

This sales training was designed to show salespeople step-by-step how to maximize their time and effort with accounts in their territory that have the greatest sales potential for your products. It's important to note these selling skills and techniques are easy-to-use, quick and accurate and your salespeople can begin using them immediately to boost productivity.

Based on rock-solid industry research your salespeople will learn how to: (4-hours)

  • Separate Real Prospects from Suspects
  • Determine Sales Potential (SP) for Accounts
  • Use Probability Factors (PF) to Make Wise Time-Investment Decisions
  • Qualify Accounts for Expected Value (EV)
  • Focus on Accounts that have the Highest EV
  • Determine 'Dollar Volume Limits' for Account Classifications
  • Classify Accounts Based on EV
  • Determine Call Frequencies based on Account Classifications
  • Adhere to Call Cycles to Insure Effective Coverage
  • Maximize Time and Effort with Highest-Potential Accounts
  • Design Efficient 'Cluster Routing' Patterns through a Territory
  • Avoid High-Opportunity Cost Activities
  • Plan Daily and Weekly Sales Calls More Effectively
  • Determine and Prioritize Customer Needs
  • Develop Sales Strategies based on known Customer Needs
  • Use the Price/Value Formula to Overcome Sales Objections

Benefits to your company include:

  • Increase Sales and Profits
  • Train Salesforce to Work Smarter
  • Assure Market Coverage for Your Products
  • Improve Sales Management Effectiveness
  • Standardize Account Qualification and Classification
  • Provide Quick, Low-Cost Sales Training In-House
  • Motivate Salesforce to a Higher-Level of Productivity
  • Turbo-Charge Salesforce and Reduce Costly Turnover
  • Gain the Competitive Edge in Your Industry

This training seminar will grab your attention from the beginning and provide each member of your sales team, new-hire and seasoned veteran, with a 'rare skill set' that will improve the way they sell for the rest of their working lives. Get them all 'pulling in the same direction' and maximize the impact of your sales team. In truth, anyone who sells for a living should definitely participate in this seminar. To learn more about this unique training program and get a 'Quick Quote' please fill out the information below and submit it so we can get the ball rolling.




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