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Equip your Staff with the 21st Century Study Skills they need to show your students how to achieve higher levels of academic and personal success. To achieve this goal, please consider 21st Century Study Skills as your partner in education. In ONE day of strategic training we will show your teachers how to empower each student to reach their full academic potential and get them on track to higher test scores, better grades, higher GPA's, and acceptance into better colleges. 

Introducing 21st Century Study Skills - SQ4R are Critical 21st Century Study Skills

We are proud to introduce you to this new and unique way to help your students be more successful, especially those struggling academically. It's called 21st Century Study Skills and it will also increase retention and reduce drop out rates with one easy decision. This is not only for at-risk students. Research shows the more intelligent the students are the more academic progress they will make once trained. Help all of your students make smoother transitions into higher education, demanding careers, become better life-long learners and achieve more academic and personal success. It's easy, if you act now. Contact us and schedule our ONE day 21st Century Study Skills Workshop for your Staff and we will teach them how to use the best reading comprehension strategy ever developed. It's called SQ4R. Its easy-to-use, quick and accurate and your students, like ours, will thank you for providing them with these 21st Century Study Skills. 

Developed by the Government more than 70 years ago these study skills have been time-tested and proven to be the most effective way to learn from textbooks and other informational text materials. Your students will learn how to separate what's important from what's not important in their textbooks which has been identified as the #1 problem in education, even for students taking Advanced Placement courses. Plus, these critical skills can be used in any course that uses a textbook! Too many students today read textbooks the same way they read a novel and that is a big mistake. Those are two very different activities. With intense global competition today in college and on the job students need strategic and proven-effective 21st Century Study Skills to know how to extract the important information from textbooks and retain it in their long-term memory so they can recall it during high-stakes tests and achieve higher test scores. This is where the journey for academic and personal success begins!

By partnering with 21st Century Study Skills we will show your Staff in one day of inspiring training how to achieve the following life-changing benefits every student needs to know:
  • Learn how to study effectively from any textbook or informational text
  • Stop struggling in school and develop more academic confidence
  • Learn powerful note-taking skills that promote reading comprehension
  • Use left/right brain techniques to store important information in long-term memory
  • Score higher marks on tests in courses that use textbooks
  • Increase academic performance and reduce stress associated with test taking
  • Achieve better grades and a higher Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Make smoother transitions into post-secondary activities
  • Attain more academic and personal success 
To learn more about 21st Century Study Skills and how this course has helped more than a thousand students become more successful please look over our Testimonial page and contact us for a free, no obligation, consultation to discuss your specific training needs and schedule a Workshop for your Staff.
Your Grades Will Soar

21st Century Study Skills SQ4R are Critical 21st Century Study Skills