Workshop Agenda

A complete set of presentation materials, worksheets, surveys, techniques and samples will be provided to each participant to use as future templates and instructional aides:

Morning Session: 21st Century Study Skills Training & Modeling

9:00am - 12:00 with break

  1. Students Perform a Self-Survey to Determine Their Need for Study Skills
  2. Review the Importance of Effective Study Skills for Academic & Personal Success
  3. The History of Effective Study Skills in the United States will be Presented
  4. Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Study Effectively from Textbooks
    1. Importance of Wise Time-Management Habits
    2. The Secrets of Good Note-Taking Techniques
  5. Learn How to Remember and Retain Important Information for Tests
  6. Question and Answer Session

Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00pm

Afternoon Session: Implementation and Practice of 21st Century Study Skills

1:00-4:00 with break

  1. Students will be assigned a typical homework assignment from their own textbook to practice reading, studying, and taking SQ4R notes.
  2. Students will implement the effective study skills they learned during the Morning Session to study and prepare for a 'high-stakes test' on that information.
  3. Students will use proven Surveying, Questioning, and powerful Note-taking techniques to separate important information from non-important information and learn how to retain it.
  4. The Instructor will circulate around the room providing guidance, focus, and support to each student as they develop their study outline and notes strategy for the assignment.
  5. Students must finish the assignment and review their study techniques with the Instructor before they complete the workshop and depart.
  6. Questions & Wrap-Up Session. Instructor will answer any remaining questions from the lesson and collect each assignment, add constructive comments, and mail them to the parents. The Instructor will also be available for ongoing support as needed.

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