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Posted December 31st, 2023

Test preparation is much more than a few random teachers making a few random suggestions about the importance of studying for tests. Instead, it’s a stimulating one-day training program based on 80 years of rock-solid research and proven pedagogical techniques, tools, and strategies integrated by experts into a valuable skill set that will empower students to effectively prepare for important tests for the rest of their lives in any course and get good grades. This is key because we have ‘testing gone wild’ today. In fact, the average high school student takes about 300 high-stakes tests during grades 9-12 and nothing is more stressful for young people than taking tests, especially when they haven’t been taught how to study and prepare.  


Effective test preparation training builds student confidence and a strong cognitive learning foundation that motivates students to ‘do their best’ at all times in school. This unique training program will maximize equity for all students and close achievement gaps within diverse student populations. Students will become better life-long learners, achieve more academic success in high school and college, and become more productive in their chosen careers and community. This is the greatest service you can provide to your students.


Based on solid research, some of the easy-to-use and proven test preparation TECHNIQUES students need to be successful include:


Separating what’s important from what’s not important in textbooks has been the #1 problem for students since the 1940’s. A proven TECHNIQUE was developed 80 years ago at Ohio State University to solve this problem. It’s like mining for diamonds. Miners know they have to move tons of dirt to find a few good diamonds but they don’t go into it looking for the dirt. Students need to develop the same mind-set.


How to create well-structured outlines for important textual information. Most students do not know this proven TECHNIQUE and, as a result, create unorganized outlines and record excessive notes which causes undue stress, anxiety and frustration.


How to record clear and concise notes by translating important textual information into one-line bullets. This proven TECHNIQUE is critical and requires practice to master.


Students need to be taught how to use their ‘whole brain’, (both sides) to develop strong memory skills. This proven TECHNIQUE was developed by Dr. Roger Sperry at CalTech in 1970’s.


Students need a proven TECHNIQUE to store important information into their long-term memory and recall it during a test. This is a critical skill for academic success.


Also, effective time management TECHNIQUES must be stressed at all times. If you are interested in providing your students and teachers with winning Test Preparation techniques in 2024, please visit my website and contact me with any questions. Thank you, Bob Goss.



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