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What are SQ4R Study Skills?

Based on SQ3R, the Father of All How-To-Study Programs which was developed by the Government at Ohio State in 1942 and used to train 150,000 military enlistees into leadership positions to lead the war effort into Asia and Europe, Mr. Goss has added computer note-taking skills and left-brain right-brain memory techniques to bring SQ3R up into the 21st Century. As he explains, neither of those technologies existed in 1942 and he calls his new updated and revised version SQ4R. It's the most effective study skills and reading comprehension training program available. It can be used to improve college readiness, close achievement gaps, increase graduation and retention rates, reduce chronic absenteeism and dropout rates as well empower every student to achieve and exceed their full academic potential in school and beyond.

  • "SQ4R has improved my study skills by helping me to identify and understand the information in the textbook. SQ4R really benefits students in every subject that uses textbooks."
    - Angela Woodford, Junior Douglas High School

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