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Posted January 18th, 2021

One of the best ways to motivate unmotivated students is to teach them how to study effectively and get good marks on tests. Nothing is more stressful for young people than taking high-stakes tests in school. The average student takes about 300 tests during grades 9-12. No student wants to fail and every student has the potential to improve. Schools need to unleash this potential and empower students to succeed. These are foundation skills that need to be taught and developed. They build self-confidence and motivate students to work harder and smarter. When students know how to separate what’s important from what’s not important in textbooks, record clear and concise notes, store important information in their long-term memory and recall it during high-stakes tests they become extremely motivated. Students that struggled begin making the honor roll and those on IEP’s begin to excel. Unfortunately, teachers are not being taught in college how to teach their students to study effectively. Even students taking AP courses get frustrated because they do not know how to study effectively. Contact us for Professional Development services:

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