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Posted January 15th, 2021

Students should be trained how to study as soon as they begin to get tests and homework assignments. Probably in the fifth and sixth grade. In fact, homework assignments should be viewed as opportunities for students to practice their study and learning skills. Ideally, students should be trained at an early age how to study effectively and get good grades before they experience failure and begin to struggle. Every student wants to do well in school but when they are not taught how to study effectively and get bad grades they begin to question their own capabilities, intelligence and self-worth which is not good. They don’t know how to reverse this downward spin and get severely stressed. Overtime, the cumulative effect of academic failure negatively affects their self-esteem. Young students need to be trained how to extract the most important information from a book, organize it into clear and concise notes, store it in their long-term memory and recall it on high-stakes tests. That’s how they achieve their full academic potential. Academic failure causes ‘chronic absenteeism and dropping out’ which are preventable with 21st Century Study Skills:

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