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Posted March 17th, 2021

One of the most effective ways to learn is by RECITING. Stop and think about it. Have you ever had to learn a poem, prayer, song, or speech? If so, how did you do it? You probably read a few lines repeatedly, closed your eyes and tried to recite those lines, and continued that process until you were successful. Then you probably repeated the process with the next few lines, over and over again, until you were able to successfully repeat the whole poem, prayer, song or speech. Unfortunately, this effective learning technique is not emphasized in schools and most students are not using it to study. Neuroscientists tell us it takes 4-5 seconds to move information from our primary memory into our secondary (long-term) memory where it can be stored and recalled. This is key to successful test preparation. If students read too fast, without stopping to recite periodically, the new information they read overwrites the previous information in their mind and they get frustrated because they can’t remember anything they read. Reciting is an excellent way to move information from the primary memory into the secondary memory. Contact us to learn how RECITING has been integrated into our learning strategy:

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