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Posted April 12th, 2021

In 30 years of teaching, I never met a student that did not want to do well in school. I met hundreds that had little or no confidence because they were never trained how to study effectively from textbooks and, as a result, they struggled and received low and even failing grades. After a while, they convinced themselves they’re not intelligent, studying does not help, and school is not for them. Sometimes they go into a downward spiral, don’t know how to get out of it and become a disciplinary problem or chronic absentee with below average grades. Unfortunately, most students have never been trained how to study effectively and will not achieve their full academic potential in school. To reverse this trend and rescue these students we need to start teaching them how to study effectively and score high marks on tests using SQ4R. Based on more than 80 years of rock-solid research and successful implementation SQ4R is an acronym for the following 6 proven effective learning steps:  SCOPE, QUESTION, READ, RECORD, RECITE, and REINFORCE. To learn more about SQ4R and our Professional Development services click on this link:

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