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Posted May 12th, 2023

It’s not easy being in high school today. The schedules and course loads are demanding and most students are busy after school working, participating in sports or engaged in hobbies. Sometimes homework over-burdens them with massive amounts of assignments that monopolize their ‘free time’ and create lots of stress. Technology has created too many distractions, including; Social Media, Gaming, and all kinds of applications. Plus, the average high school student takes about 300 high stake tests during grades 9-12 and the competition is fierce. 

Students are not being taught Effective Study Skills and the worse they do academically the more they dislike school. It’s difficult to boost student confidence, self-esteem and get them motivated when they can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Often times they go into a downward spiral and don’t know how to reverse the curve, become chronic absentees and contemplate dropping out.  There is also a huge need for Organizational Skills and Time Management Techniques to get students on track. To accomplish this, every student needs an easy-to-use, quick and accurate STUDENT SELF-EVALUATION STUDY SKILLS NEEDS SURVEY that will get them on track and keep them on track. Here’s how it works.


The SURVEY gets them on track by accurately and quickly measuring their specific need for effective study skills.

It’s composed of 10 simple questions based on Effective Study Habits they should be doing at all times. Their answer for each question is worth the following points: Always=10, Sometimes=5, or Never=0. The total points for all 10 questions is tallied and translated into the following need for the student to see and take action on: 

80-100 Congratulations! you are a good student keep up the good work

60-79 Although you are passing you are capable of doing much better

40-59 You are having academic difficulties and need help to improve

0-39 Warning! You are in critical need of effective study skills to pass.

This survey has been validated by more than one thousand high school students during a decade of use and almost every student agreed with the results. 


Also, the SURVEY keeps them on track because it flags what important Effective Study Skills the students need to ‘Always’ perform to improve their test scores, grades and GPAs. The entire survey takes 15 minutes to implement. To stay on track, students should keep the results of the survey in front of them at all times while studying. Like other skills, they need to practice to master Effective Study Skills. To get a copy of the STUDENT SELF-EVALUATION STUDY SKILLS NEEDS SURVEY and to learn more about 21st Century Study Skills training please visit our website:

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